Complex and Specialized Trainings

The complex trainings based on individually prepared programs, tailored to the needs of your employees, are divided into different levels and are held at a time convenient for employment.

GIC offers you over 15 types of specialized training that will increase the knowledge and practical skills of your employees.

The internal company trainings that department heads organize are often insufficient or do not happen at all for a number of reasons.

The GIC team guarantees you:

» your employees will learn valuable practices from proven professionals;

» this will eliminate common erros which influence the customer satisfaction and your revenue;

» your team will not receive a dry and monotonous retelling of a theoretical part, but will gain valuable advice from real industry experience.

Specialized trainings are an integral part of the existence of a good hotel product to turn one-time visitors into regular guests. You can achieve all this! Contact us and get your individual plan!

Corporate Consulting

The purpose of corporate hotel consulting is to provide expert guidance and support to help hotels achieve their goals and optimize their performance in a competitive environment.

1. Initial assessment.
2. Strategic planning.
3. Implementation.
4. Monitoring and evaluation.
5. System improvement.

Each of the stages is a complex procedure that is performed consistently and methodically by our team.

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Standards and procedures

Creation of Hotel Standards and Operational Procedures relative to the specifics of the hotel, the vision of the management for the final product and the human resources.

The hotel standards refer to a set of guidelines, rules and expectations that a hotel must adhere to in order to provide a consistent level of service and experience for its guests. These standards can cover a wide range of aspects, such as the cleanliness and maintenance of the hotel, the quality of the amenities and equipment offered, the level of service and hospitality, the efficiency of the hotel's check-in and check-out processes, and others.

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