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Global Ideas Consulting Ltd. (GIC) is an organization founded in 2022 and working hard in the field of hospitality and restaurant consultancy; conducting corporate trainings; development and management of projects for educational mobility of students and adults; hotel and restaurant management; assistance through an HR assistant for your business, as well as being a host organization under the Erasmus+ Program. A top priority for GIC is for our clients to make distinctive, lasting and significant improvements in their performance and together to build a sustainable business that attracts, develops, excites and retains loyal employees. GIC has a serious network of partners and is in continuous cooperation with large, small and medium-sized enterprises, business centers, associations, chambers of commerce, schools, universities, vocational training centers and public organizations. The stable business relations of the company favor the development of the company as a host organization under the Erasmus+ program. Anyone looking for opportunity and development through the services of GIC can count on a huge selection of locations where to realize their internship. The organization is committed to the personal and professional development of young people and professionals, requiring employers providing internship positions to provide the best 'know-how' to our participants. For us, mobility is much more than logistics, it is the experience, the knowledge, the good practices, the atmosphere of each country, the exchange of culture, the personal relations, the integration of the participants, the friendship, the gastronomy and the multitude of experiences gained in another country. Our team and all our associates are used to hosting people from different countries and are able to create the best environment outside the comfort zone of the participants, helping them to leave Bulgaria with love and desire, as well as to return back to our country.

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